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What is social media an introduction

Many of our readers do not know about social media, and many who do not know many of the reforms do not know what to comment or share. So, information about some of the critical terms for them all is in the foreword in this article.

Social media is gaining importance in our lives with each passing day where millions of people are interconnected for news and information. Twitter and Facebook are the most popular websites with millions of users worldwide, according to Eric Coleman’s book Social Nominees, one in every five are linked to the Internet, and many divorces are also called social media. Is given.

If people on Facebook are judged by one country’s population, it is the third-largest country in the world and dominates the social media web, while Twitter followers from Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga are from Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, and Canada have more population. Every kind of talk can be done on social media and people of every race and color can find the people they want, with whom relationships often turn into real-life links.

However, those who talk on social media should keep in mind that they can be held accountable for whatever they are talking about and if anyone has any doubts about this, they will be called Lalit Modi by Chris Cairns case. Must have done the study which resulted in Lalit Modi paying a fine of over ninety thousand pounds. One important thing is that Facebook and Twitter are linked and if you write something on Twitter. Facebook lets you show it on your Facebook profile as well.

Many people do not know what a tweet is and what is commented on or shared.

While keeping an eye on social media for BBC Urdu, most of my readers ask about these words; there are some keywords and terminology information for them all.


This is a micro-blogging website whose definition shows that it is briefly a place of expression. On this website, you are expressing your opinion in one hundred forty characters. You can keep track of the organizations and personalities of your choice and many other things you want to do, and this is the best way to keep track of the events and events in the world.

Users who use Twitter are often referred to like Twitter. In addition, some people use the names of tweets and tuples. From US President Barack Obama to Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has been on Twitter.

Followers on Twitter

On Twitter, you can follow different people who are synonymous with your words, work, or interests. This means that whatever you write on Twitter will reach them. If you dislike a follower or is trolling you, you can block it.

Follow on Twitter

If you like a journalist, singer, politician, institution, bank, channel, newspaper or any other person Twitter lets you follow them you can access. In my experience, Twitter responds faster than all other sources.


Tweets written by the people you follow and your tweets appear on your page called a timeline.

Tagging Twitter

You can tag anyone or anyone with a Twitter account. Which means you can communicate with them that will appear on their Connect or Interaction page. Through this, many people reach out to different politicians and politicians and often respond.


The expression in your one hundred and forty letters on Twitter is called a tweet.

RT – Retweet

If someone likes what you say and they want to get it to their followers, they will retweet it. This means that what you say will reach more people. For example, if you have a hundred followers and someone with a thousand followers retweet your tweet, then what you have written reaches one thousand eleven tweets.

For example, the tweet about President Obama’s second time as president set a global record of retweets globally.


If you retweet or tweak someone’s tweet, then if you put an MT before it, the reader will understand that you have actually worked to change or summarize the original and that they were actually tweeting. Will avoid speculation about one’s language and comprehension and understanding. It also does not affect the rights of the original tweeter.

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