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What is Marketing and how it work ?

Marketing is a part of our lives, and we have to deal with it daily. Marketing is the key to success of any business. Marketing is not just about advertising or selling anything, but also to satisfy the buyer with what you are offering. Therefore, marketing can also be defined as: “A style of planning that allows for customer satisfaction. Good things can be provided to the right person at the right price, at the right place and at the right time. “Encouraging a customer with an offer is also part of marketing. The opinion of the user using your item or facility is also essential.

One way to get information about the individual and the public is to say: “What they need and what they want to make or buy and what they cost, then this process is called the marketing process. “. The marketing process encompasses four stages: “Analyzing the best market opportunities, developing marketing techniques, planning a marketing program, and controlling market efforts.” You need to be aware of your competitors and environmental factors in order to be a successful business person; if you neglect these things, you will not be in the market for long. Whenever you bring a new item or convenience to the market, be careful about its price, how much it sells in the market, and how much I sell. Keep in mind: “Are you providing convenience on time.” The most important goal of successful companies, companies, and entrepreneurs is customer satisfaction, for which they provide excellent and promising things to the geek, which creates a good relationship with the customer. Negotiate with customers, distributors, dealers, and suppliers and also build good relationships that will grow your network in the market. When making a thing, be careful about whether the user will be able to buy it quickly.

Marketing Functions include: “Buying, Selling, Transporting, Storing, Standards and Grading, Financing, Leasing, Saving Marketing Information, etc.” Storing refers to: “Distributing more by storing products in warehouses.” Controlling the weight, size, condition, quality, and quantity of a thing is called Standing and Grading. The marketer also has to take the risk many times, especially when introducing something new because there are equal chances of the item being successful and unsuccessful. Any company or business person should also focus on demand management because marketing management not only looks at how demand can be increased but also concerns how to change or reduce it, For example: “Lesko ads publish that saving electricity is our national responsibility”, though the more electricity consumed, the more they will benefit. De-marketing is the process of reducing or permanently eliminating demand. Develop a strategy that attracts newcomers and retains existing customers. Make such a relationship with the geek that he can walk with you for a long time, and yes! If a customer gets into a bad deal, it is not just a mess of this particular case, but he may be able to take a loan from you for a lifetime don’t do religion. ”

In the 21st Century, marketing is facing different challenges. Before entering any business, analyze the environment. Now, new companies are also getting more and more competitive, which increases competition. More people are making or selling things in the market, which has also increased buyer options. Thanks to technologies and development, giving has become like a village. Transform your business with the use of computers, telecommunications, and information technologies and make the most of these technologies for marketing. Talk to your marketing colleagues and also consider what your competitors are providing to the customer for this particular need. For example: “Telenor introduces Easy Money, then other companies like Ufone and Jazz with Moby Case, etc.” The use of technology plays a vital role in the development of any business.

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