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Try All-New Dishes When You Upgrade Your Oget And Enjoy All-You-Can At Ogetsu Hime

Unlimited Japanese fare, anyone?

Options for Japanese restaurants in Manila may be endless, but it’s only in Ogetsu Hime that you can taste the full spectrum of Japanese flavours at great rates. Named after the food goddess of Japan, the restaurant uses the most premium ingredients, like the freshest and most authentic seafood from the famous Tsukiji Market, to craft top quality dishes.

There are soft slices of fresh sashimi, which shiver tenderly upon contact. There are richly marbled cuts of Matsusaka beef, oozing with savoury juices. There are crisp servings of katsudon, with golden batter wrapped around tender, lip-smacking pork.

Aburi Sushi

To try all these delicious items and more, the Oget and Enjoy All-You-Can offer is the best way to go! And as if that isn’t enough, Ogetsu Hime is upgrading their already hearty buffet just before the year ends. With this all- new, all-exquisite offer, just add Php100 to try even more mouthwatering dishes. For that reasonable amount, you can discover even more of Ogetsu Hime’s premium, authentic offerings.

Special Roll

What can the upgraded promo get you? An unlimited amount of over 100 Japanese specialties to maximize your dining experience! With Aburi Sushi, Aburi Roll, Atarashi, Sashimi, Katsu, Ramen, Tempura, Rice Boxes, and more premium items to choose from, you can sample all the flavors of Japan and eat until you’re happily full. And with the holidays around the corner, Oget and Enjoy All-You-Can is perfect for dining with family and friends. Bring them to Ogetsu Hime for a food adventure they’ll never tire of.

Oget and Enjoy All-You-Can allows you to sample unlimited US Angus Tenderloin, premium sushi, and more for Php 988 for lunch or Php 1,088 for dinner from Monday to Friday, and Php 1,088 for lunch and dinner during holidays and weekends throughout the year.

You can make the most out of the awesome eat-all-you-can deal and feast on limitless sushi, from the best selection of sashimi and makimono to Ogetsu Hime’s signature specialty rolls like the Ogetsu Hime Roll, Goma Ebi Tempura Roll, the Kaisen Fried Roll, Tokubetsu California Roll and the Momo Teri Maki.

Japan’s best sushi dishes can also be enjoyed right here in Manila—straight from Ogetsu Hime’s selection. Otoro, or blue fin tuna belly, is a rare catch, and the most sought-after fixture of the sushi bar. Hotategai are sweet, supple scallops that glide lazily across the tongue. Hamachi is the much-loved Japanese yellowtail, boasting a smooth, buttery texture.

At Ogetsu Hime, you can also enjoy the US Angus Tenderloin (and other meat and seafood) as a tasty teppan, cooked by a Master Teppan Chef over a Japanese flat iron grill right in front of you. The showmanship exhibited by these chefs is its own form of entertainment, and the smoky, perfectly cooked meats are packed with immense natural flavour.

To experience all this and more at a special price, head to Ogetsu Hime at SM Megamall or SM Aura for a Japanese feast that will leave you and your loved ones happy and satisfied!

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