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Top 7 Effective Daily Job Management Software

Top 7 Effective Daily Job Management Software

Having effective day-to-day job management software, will help you solve the difficulties of monitoring, managing the daily work of everyone in your company, handling the work professionally and improving Better work progress.

Below, I will list the top 7 suitable software for businesses. This seven software will help you coordinate all your important business tasks. Whether it’s free or paid, it still fits the size and budget of the business.

Bitrix 24 – comprehensive daily work management software

Price: Free up to 12 people, unlimited users with Professional version $ 199 / month.

You can use Bitrix24 as a free HR management system (HRMS) for your company. All the features of the system are very useful for employees. The software has a list of self-managed service staff and portals. Manage vacation and work reports are all included in the interface of Bitrix24 social network.

Project management features of products are integrated into “Groups”. Each project can have a specific group. Here you can store all files, discussions and tasks related to the project. You can track the time spent on each task in the project. And the task is integrated into the team schedule

CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to manage and track customers / partners / agents. Bitrix24 CRM is a communication facility. Bitrix24 data drives also include corporate drives, individual and group drives. Very easy to edit multiple users online. CRM files help synchronize, share data and access multiple devices

Use Bitrix24 to call any phone, any country. You can call from your Bitrix24 system to anywhere via an internet connection. You can call directly from CRM and record conversations.

Wunderlist Business – daily work management software for small businesses

Price: $ 4.99 / person / month

The price of Wunderlist software will attract small businesses using cash.

One of the key points of this software is the list. This list is used for departments, groups and projects. You can add team members to a specific list. You will easily assign tasks to them.

Assign tasks to people, comment on them and add files and images. Although Wunderlist is a fairly simple task manager. But it has a lot of great communication features. And announcements make sure everyone involved knows what is going on.

Wunderlist is a relatively basic application when it comes to business management. But it’s really good with what it does. Business – impressive low-cost daily work management software

Price: $ 2.99 / person / month

Monthly price of is impressively low. The fee for each user is $ 2.99. And it will be reduced to $ 2.25 dollars if you pay $ 26.99 annual membership fee.

The user interface is very clear. This software allows you to manage your assigned lists, tasks and tasks. You can also assign administrative status to users. It is useful if you want to check and monitor a specific task.’s daily planning tool works in tandem with a variety of different systems. Includes Pomodoro time management system and the task organization system needs to do Getting Things Done (GTD). Their application features an AI assistant that helps you organize your task list and ensure priority order.

Business Todoist – simple daily work management software

Price: $ 28.99 / person / year

Todolist packs for free with some great features. Tracking tasks, tracking projects and easy, very useful collaboration tools for groups. Natural languague dates method makes it easy to use and monitor productivity. It gives you good indicators of how much you have done.

With a paid Enterprise package, you can create up to 200 projects with up to 50 people / project. It allows notifications based on location. Allow tracking productivity and number of login. You will also receive task feedback, labels and filters and periodic due dates.

With the addition of Collaborative tool, Todolist Business creates an excellent group task management tool. It helps both employees and managers easily see what is going on.

Hitask – popular daily job management software

Price: $ 4.98 / person / month

Although there is no free version. Hitask is the most commonly used software. And over 500,000 users appreciate this software.

Hitask is based on the method of Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen. Hitask includes color editor cards, file tracking and archiving tasks, all of which help you work with your GTD system. It even integrates a time tracker.

The big attraction for Hitask is the unified control panel; You can see everything you need from the main display. Your calendar, different views of your projects, and all your groups can access the same place. It is really an effective way to handle your work.

DropTask for Business – highly intuitive Kanban daily work management software

Price: $ 8.25 / person / month

The DropTask’s highly intuitive system will appeal to users who can get a quick overview of what’s going on. And its drag and drop interface is even intuitive even for users who do not use tons of different management tasks.

Planning, Kanban-style organization, and work links make DropTask a highly-rated task management system. With daily statistics, tracking progress, status and integration with some other useful applications, it will help you to keep track of what’s going on.

Although there is a free version, it is limited to only 5 members and 1 project only, while the Business version allows an unlimited number of members and projects. The free version also does not include some useful features as above.

And its price is comparable to other similar management applications, user fees will be significantly reduced for large groups. Twenty users, prepaid in three years, only $ 2.92 / person / month.

Producteev – free daily work management software with full features

Price: Free

Although it is a free version, it is full of features. All task management features are completely free. But for $ 99 / month, you can receive personal support and feedback within 24 hours. You can also customize the color of the application and upload your logo yourself.

The fact is that it does not limit users, tasks, and tracking tasks, labels, and priorities; due dates and reminders; and tracking activity without paying a cent, is very impressive. And it’s really powerful because it installs broken holes that keep managing tasks and projects.

One of the great tracking features is the Audit Trail, which allows you to see all actions taken on a specified task. Who is designated? When do they receive the task? Who commented when? All of these are easily displayed in the Audit Trail.

And with easy management of networks and projects, you can use Producteev for different groups, departments, or customers. All are free.

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