T.Dining Philippines Awards M Dining’s Tom Bascon as the Best Chef of 2020

Know more about the beloved chef here:

Helming the kitchen of one of Manila’s most celebrated fine dining restaurants, chef Tom Bascon, who honed his culinary skills at the French Culinary Institute, has given invaluable contributions to the success of M Dining (formerly Masseto) since it reopened its doors in a new location in 2016. 

As its executive chef, he took over M Dining’s menu, introducing a masterful fusion of Western and Asian flavours all while maintaining a great respect for the produce. Bascon, armed with his background in Japanese cuisine, having worked half a decade at Nobu in New York, learnt to appreciate quality produce, transforming them into wonderful culinary creations. 

This, combined with his ingrained attention to detail, has become Bascon’s trademark. Today, he continues to churn out instinctive cuisine that is sure to blow your mind.

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