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Powerpoint Alternatives in the Cloud

Recently, Microsoft Powerpoint , the top dog among presentation solutions, is gaining more and more competition – from the cloud . With the ability to deliver lectures, anytime, anywhere access to presentation documents, the team work together on a presentation and publish those auf’einfache and fast way in the network and in remote social networks to share with third parties, users get much more flexibility than the classic product from Microsoft can offer them. Because of this, web-based presentation tools are becoming increasingly popular.

Here are eight useful online solutions that can replace or complement PowerPoint in practice. One or the other tool can certainly be useful for your next presentation .

” Sliderocket ” is a popular, Flash-based online tool for businesses and home users who place high demands on their presentation software, allowing them to realize sophisticated presentations using Flash content, audio and HD video Sliderocket understands its rich feature set as a true powerpoint alternative and even offers additional features not found in the Microsoft product, such as useful sharing , analytics, and collaboration features.

Sliderocket presentations can not only be shared with third parties via a link, but can also be integrated into your own blogs and websites. Practical in this context are the Analytics features. These are used to analyze and evaluate the success and popularity of your own online presentations. So you can learn, among other things, how many users have looked at the online presentation, or how much time they have spent on each slide. Furthermore, some hands-on collaboration features provide an easy way to work together as a team on presentation. The program automatically takes care of the version management.

Sliderocket is offered in three versions. The Lite Edition is available for free, while the Pro version costs $ 24 per user per month. After all, companies can fall back on the Enterprise variant. The costs for those interested learn on request.


Sliderocket gives users a professional online tool that meets high requirements. Above all, the practical and seamlessly integrated sharing, collaboration and analytics functions distinguish the solution from its competitors.

Google also offers another professional PowerPoint alternative in the cloud with ” Google Presentations .” The tool is a central component of the web-based office suite ” Google Docs “, which is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized companies. The solution is characterized first and foremost by the particularly well-thought-out teamwork features. Multiple users can work on the same file at the same time. During collaborative editing, the changes are immediately visible to everyone. In presentation mode, users can also chat directly with each other.

Otherwise, the product of Google scores with numerous ready-made animations and film transitions; With various design templates that make a good and professional impression, as well as the ability to include your own drawings and sketches in the slides. As usual with most online tools in the field, Google’s presentations can be published on any websites and blogs. For this purpose, a simple HTML code is sufficient, which must be inserted into the website at the desired location.

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