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Social Media Marketing’s Growing Popularity

Why use social media marketing? Every successful business we see today existed many years ago. And there was no Internet access at that time. Before the Internet, billboards, TV commercials, radio, and print were the most successful marketing methods. It also had a significant impact on the market, but today …

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How to Become a Freelance Facebook Marketer

Contents: What is a Facebook marketer?What does a Facebook marketer do?What skills do you need to become a Facebook marketer?How much do Facebook marketers make?How to become a Facebook marketer? Are you a freelancer Facebook marketer looking for more opportunities? Are you interested in working as a freelancer Facebook manager? …

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The impacts of social media on tourism

Social media trends While there are many benefits to social media, the changes that we have seen on tourism and hoteling due to social media have probably never been before. To prove this, we present to you a case study of a small country, Lebanon. We can try to understand …

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