Now You Know: Unusual Hobbies Of Billionaires Around the World

While many billionaires spend their free time sailing around on their super yachts, racing their own horses and collecting expensive art, some choose to invest their money (and time) in uncommon hobbies outside of their billion-dollar day job

Jack Ma dresses as Michael Jackson and dances at Alibaba’s annual party (Photo by TPG/Getty Images)

William Belo

Crocodile farm (Photo by Ian Robert Knight/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Philippine billionaire William Belo may own the country’s biggest home-improvement chain, but his hobby may strike you as relatively uncommon: raising crocodiles. 

He has two crocodile farms with 23,000 reptiles, which he breeds for lucrative uses. Their skins are sold to luxury brands like LVMH, while their meats are found in Hungarian sausages and a Filipino dish called sisig. 

Jack Ma

Jack Ma dresses as Michael Jackson and dances at Alibaba’s annual party (Photo by TPG/Getty Images)

Did you know the richest man in China is a passionate live performer? The former Alibaba CEO has appeared on stage at musical festivals in China, and his most well-known performance was his Michael Jackson impersonation at his company’s 2017 annual party.

Eric Tse

The 24-year old son of Sino Biopharmaceutical founders hit the headlines last year in October as the overnight billionaire, which gave us a glimpse of the scion’s jet-setting life.

A quick look at the young billionaire’s Instagram shows photos of him hanging out with Rihanna, basketball star Yao Ming, model Bella Hadid and Prince Charlene of Monaco—with the caption “#casual”. A fan of outdoor sports, Tse also shares pictures of himself parasailing, flying over the French Alps and swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos speaks near part of an F-1 engine from a Saturn V rocket, on display in the APOLLO exhibit at the Museum of Flight in Seattle (Photo by David Ryder for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

When Jeff Bezos is not busy leading Amazon, he enjoys searching for discard NASA rockets underwater. His mission? To restore these important relics of human’s first efforts to send humans to the Moon.
Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin jumping off an aeroplane (Photo: Google+)

Not one to shy away from challenges, the Google co-founder enjoys high-adrenaline exercise and counts the flying trapeze as one of his favourite hobbies. He has even convinced some of his brave Google employees to try it out as a team.

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