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How to start a new business and which is the best way of marketing?

Planning and Strategy

The first thing you need to do is examine your nature and temperament to find out which business you are interested in and what is your ability and ability to do this business. After reaching this decision, look at how much money you have. First, start with a job that has the potential to make the most out of the minimum investment. For example, a small grocery store might be a good start for you, where everyday items like flour, sugar, lentils, rice are easily available from the wholesale market.

Besides, each company has now strengthened its sales service system so that you get all the goods sitting in your shop and you also avoid extra costs. Do your business diligently and from the very beginning adopt a strategy that will get you customers buying cash, while keeping the borrowing account accountable so that payment can be made on a fixed date?

Do your job honestly, so that you have a good reputation in the market. Successful companies around the world have the same principle that they do not give up honesty and quality at any cost, and those who sell non-standard goods make good money, but there is no blessing on the money. Our currency notes also say, “Provision is halal worship.” Any business demands truth, sincerity, and interest.

Make the calculation a priority.

The basic requirement of any business is to keep track of the services you are performing. It is important to take into account Aku-nut management, keep a thorough account of everything you are selling or making, and note the date on which company you purchased it from. ؟ Which company representative did the transaction take? Receipts of all items must be securely stored in your passport and kept in order. Then when a customer buys something from you, write it down in a separate register. Enter the details of the person who is lending the goods, as well as the borrower’s address and phone number.

You can also improve your sales and reputation by providing home delivery services, so that things are available to people at home, such as those who sell milk. Review and buy each item on a daily basis to see which items are in demand. Then contact the companies making these essential goods to see how much profit they can make. Wholesale items are expensive when you reach the retailer market, so try to get things done and contact growers directly so you can get cheaper items and get more profit. Likewise, try to buy goods at a higher price than the salesmen, which is why superstores are doing these things today, and that is why they are attracting large numbers of people to their minimum profits.

Protect excess income

Most of our business people look for profit when it comes to money transactions and revenue and expenses, as well as spend money on luxury items in an unhealthy way. Remember that just like the calculation you have to keep at the time of purchase of goods, the same calculation has to do with the sale of the items, how much profit you made and how much money you made. Accounting management is a must for all these matters, so you know how much money is saved after all these expenses. Save this money for difficult days because time is never the same, and no business is everlasting. If something goes wrong, that extra money will keep you from going bankrupt.

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