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How to market your logistic business?

  • Logistics is a broad term that needs to be understood as an opportunity to understand its meaning. The word logistic originates from the Greek language where it is used to transport troops, horses, military equipment.
  • After the Industrial Revolution in the UK, this term also became used for non-military purposes. Transport logistics, on the other hand, is an important component. That is, transport is a small part, and logistics is the whole area. Depending on the location, these two are often used interchangeably. On the other hand, another term will also appear for shipping which means you can take Sea Transport.
  • A third term, transport, will also be used, which is a logistics component. But transport is specific to the carriers (shipping line, airline, truck company, rail company) who invest heavily in their ships, aircraft, trucks, rail freight, and logistics business. While forwarding agent does not have any investment as freight forwarding is purely service-based business.
  • Traditionally forwarding agents were considered as customs agents in Pakistan. But where do poor customs agents have a clearing business opportunity to handle business like logistics? Forwarding to Pakistan got industry status very soon after 2005. While in neighbouring countries, especially in Dubai, India, this industry was young and powerful while our industry had just opened its eyes. The United Nations and its affiliated firm FIATA (which is the representative of freight forwarding worldwide) was instrumental in bringing the industry forward in Pakistan.
  • Cargo forwarding and customs clearing are available to the customer from a single company under one window operations worldwide. While in Pakistan, these two businesses are separated by 2018. Their representatives are also separate national trade bodies. But when the forwarding agent/customs agent took over the world, customs have also come to Pakistan. Forwarding companies in Pakistan started to obtain customs clearance licenses while customs clearance companies are sitting on the forwarding license. All this so that the customer does not have to go to the door separately. The client should be made a client by performing a one-window operation.

Forwarding Agent Responsibilities – Services

  • The exporter/importer will book a set of cargo on the carrier (shipping line, airline, rail company, truck company) and will ask for transport charges – fare and will tell you the total logistics cast.
  • If you are a false company, you have no experience creating Export Documents if the Export business has started anew. The Forwarding Agent will either create or export Documents to assist you.
  • Rent your cargo insurance so you can get your claim from the insurance company if the cargo is damaged while traveling.
  • Suggest a great way to move your cargo from one place to another. And it will make the necessary documents from various institutions (Bank, Customs, Chamber of Commerce).
  • By representing you, the customs officer will settle the matter and make every effort to get you the minimum duty, tax. Or the duty, tax, can be completely forgiven. In the case of export, the customs will reimburse the tax authorities/tax authorities.
  • If your cargo has been temporarily caught on suspicion by authorities, you will be released.
  • If you wish, your representative will be dealing with the bank in matters such as opening a letter of credit.
  • When the cargo crosses the border of Pakistan, you do not know where your cargo is at this time. The forwarding agent can give you the tracking of cargo using its sources.
  • If you’re foreign buyer has cancelled the order and your cargo is still on the way, your forwarder will be able to turn the cargo and return the cargo to Pakistan.
  • If your cargo is of a sensitive nature that needs to be identified as soon as possible to the destination or needs more attention such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, fish, medicines, animals, birds, dead human bodies enclosed in coffins, so the agent will make special arrangements for it.
  • Depending on your cargo’s season, temperature, weight, volume, appearance, nature, and price, the packing will either be done by yourself or delivered.
  • Disputes between exporter, importer, and carrier (shipping line, airline, truck company, rail company) are normal and normal. For example, if you lost your cargo carrier during the trip or your luggage was left in port on Pakistan which caused your goods to arrive in the foreign customer late, he cancelled the order, or during the journey, your cargo was slightly or was completely destroyed.

In such disputes, the agent is well aware of Pakistani and international law. So he claps you at the bottom of the matter or tells you, brother, don’t waste time and money. You are not going to get a claim.

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