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How much does the application cost on Google Cloud?

The tool should allow developers to calculate in advance, which will cost the deployment of an application on Google’s cloud platform. The Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator , once officially officially in beta beta stage, provides suitable offers for first Compute Engine, [{| QwETR1 |}] Storage and Cloud SQL.

All you have to do is fill in an online form. The input cost estimate can then be modified and adapted, forwarded to the project team or saved as a template for later use. More details can be found in a blog post by Brian Lynch , Solutions Architect at Google.

Cloud Storage Box gets 150 million dollars

The online storage service, Box, has raised $ 150 million in fresh money from investors while its IPO continues to be delayed. The money comes, inter alia, from the financial investor TPG and should give the company more latitude until it dares to step onto the trading floor. Box had announced the stock placement in March. However, the company does not rush to implement the plans because the stock market climate is currently unfavorable.

According to current business figures, box sales nearly doubled in the first quarter to $ 45.3 million year-on-year. However, the loss widened from $ 34 to $ 38.5 million, according to the updated prospectus published late Monday .

Spending on sales and marketing increased 40 percent to $ 47.4 million, exceeding sales. Box with its offer of online storage competes with other specialized providers like Dropbox – but also with technology heavyweights like Google, Microsoft or Apple.

Microsoft launches cloud service under the new name OneDrive

Microsoft’s cloud service has been available since Wednesday under the new name of OneDrive. Due to a trademark dispute, the company had to rename the service previously named SkyDrive.

Existing customers could access their data immediately after logging in , Microsoft assured . In the course of the renaming Microsoft furnished the cloud service with further functions. Users can use OneDrive to store videos, photos or other documents in the company and retrieve them from a variety of devices. Seven gigabytes of free space is available for free, additional space can be booked.

OneDrive can also be used with new apps for Android and iOS devices as well as for Microsoft’s own game console Xbox. The British broadcaster BSkyB was successful against the name SkyDrive last year. However, the companies had agreed that Microsoft could still use the name for a certain transitional period.

Cloud computing is one of the major trends in the economy – but only in the economy? No, especially for educational and research institutions cloud-based solutions offer great potential. 


The second condition is not so often realized: the standardization of operating systems and hardware. To achieve continuous automated processes, such as the version numbers of the operating systems must be identical. Once they have different patch level or even differences in the interfaces for automation tools or remote access, exception rules are necessary. This increases complexity and possible sources of error. Thus over time grown, often heterogeneous population is to unify, whereby corresponding investment costs. But these pay for themselves relatively quickly by significantly more efficient and flexible processes automation.

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