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Chartio – Demanding Data Analysis in the Cloud

Chartio is a sophisticated business intelligence solution that comes from the Sillicon Valley, runs in the cloud and addresses professionals with an extensive feature set.

Functionality : Chartio allows business users to create custom graphs that can be combined in large business dashboards. For example, the marketing department can put together its own dashboard, in which all the important social media metrics are clearly visualized, while sales employees can analyze sales, revenues, leads, etc. in another business dashboard. The program offers support for a variety of data sources : from Excel spreadsheets and CSV files, to database systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, to cloud platforms such as Amazon S3 or Windows Azure . Users can import data to be visualized from their own systems as well as from public cloud services into the software and then evaluate them in the browser.

Installation : A disadvantage of the solution is that, unlike most SaaS services, you can not try them immediately. In order to get an impression of the possibilities of the software, you first have to contact the sales team. Another disadvantage: The tool is only available in English.

Operation : With an intuitive and visually appealing user interface that can easily be compared in terms of usability and user experience with a consumer product, is Chartio positioned as a modern business software that the classic BI systems of enterprise software vendors such as IBM , Oracle, SAP and Co. in the shade. Creating charts and dashboards is quick and easy using drag & drop. Since these are based on HTML5 and responsive design , they make a good impression not only on the desktop PC, but also on smartphones and tablets, Also handy: Share your own dashboards with colleagues, supervisors and customers in a convenient way. With detailed user rights management, admins can pinpoint who can see what and who can not. In addition, charts can be exported in PNG, CSV or PDF format.

Conclusion : Chartio presents itself as a holistic BI solution, with which companies can evaluate data in individual diagrams and dashboards at will. With its many collaboration and sharing features, Tool is ideal for departments and teams.

Recent judgments

Sometimes the software suppliers expressly exclude the transfer of their software or make it dependent on their prior consent. In a recent (not yet final) decision, the LG Hamburg has considered a contractual disclosure restriction in the terms and conditions of SAP as incompatible with the German GTC right and declared ineffective, The specific clause made a resale of the software by the customer dependent on prior approval by SAP; this was allowed to deny SAP, if the use by the second-acquirer contradicted their “legitimate interests”. According to the court, such a broad reservation of consent is incompatible with the basic idea of ​​the principle of the exhaustion principle.

From this, however, to conclude on a general ineffectiveness of contractual disclosure restrictions, should be too hasty. In particular, the decision of the LG Hamburg refers only to a concrete pre-formulated clause: The Hamburg judges disturbed in so far mainly to the vague legal concept of “legitimate interests” – whether a clause that specifies these interests in more detail, would also be ineffective, is open.


Even if users legitimately provide software to the cloud provider, the copyright laws necessary to operate the software in the cloud must be adhered to. This requires an effective license management to keep track of the software used and its license terms – possible open source-Components involved. The user must also have in mind a possible (future) operation by an external provider in the cloud. To this end, he should proactively and in good time negotiate with the copyright holder on the operation of the acquired programs by a cloud provider – especially if a corresponding license is missing in the contract. If the decision is later made to relocate a software to the cloud, then the user does not have to rely on the interpretation of indefinite legal terms. This applies in particular to the passage of the “intended use”.

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